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about ace grinding

An Introduction

For over 60 years, Ace Grinding has worked to provide superior precision ground bar stock to CNC machine shops, bar stock distributors, and large OEMs that serve the industries and markets detailed below. As an ISO9001:2015 certified producer of precision bar stock, we are prepared to provide precision ground materials for industries requiring even the most stringent tolerances be met. Located near Chicago, our facility is equipped to ship products throughout, and even beyond, North America with the quickest turnaround possible.

about ace grinding
Ace Grinding

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What Ace Grinding can do for You

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

centerless grinding

Precision Centerless Grinding

For precision ground and polished bar stock, Ace Grinding utilizes centerless grinding, which allows for the tightest tolerances required by industry as well as individual customer specifications. In addition to refining cold finishing processes, centerless grinding enhances factors such as roundness, straightness, and surface finish.

centerless grinding
titanium grinding
titanium grinding

Titanium Grinding for Medical & Aerospace Industries

Titanium is known to be an exotic metal in machining, and yet it is used for a multitude of fabricated metal products in aerospace and defense, medical applications, and beyond. It is commonly utilized due to its unique properties, which include its strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Few have the proper equipment and unique expertise to precision grind titanium, but fortunately, Ace Grinding is one of the best.

Precision Bar Stock

Precision Bar Stock for Aerospace and Medical

Ace Grinding offers precision bar stock materials that can be ground for products in a multitude of industries, including aerospace, transportation, and medical markets. We specialize in providing centerless ground materials for numerous applications throughout these industries, as well as others that require precision bar stock ground to precision tolerances. We are capable of offering such a wide selection of materials to our customers due to our extensive inventory of precision ground bar stock in a variety of material grades.

stock metals and materials
Value Added Services

Material Grade Verification, Eddy Testing, & Bar Straightening

In addition to primary services such as centerless and titanium grinding, Ace Grinding is proud to offer a variety of secondary services that can help you verify the grade of your materials, inspect them, and even straighten bent or damaged bars. As is with our precision grinding services, Ace Grinding aims to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing reliable, high-quality services performed on time and on budget.

Industries Served

Serving Automotive, Defense, & Oil and Gas Industries

Many may not realize the impact precision round bars have on so many industries, from kitchen exhaust fans to electric motors and beyond. Regardless of the field you work in, there’s a good chance Ace Grinding’s products have been utilized for something in your day to day life. We take pride in the superior quality of our products, ensuring that they remain reliable and safe regardless of your application.