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Eddy current inspection (or Eddy testing) is just one of several NDT methods that can be used to conduct examinations. However, the difference between Eddy testing and other NDT tools is just how many examinations it can be used to perform. When used correctly, Eddy currents can be used for:

  • Crack detection
  • Material thickness measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Conductivity measurements for material identification
  • Heat damage detection
  • Case depth determination
  • Heat treatment monitoring

Ace Grinding’s MAC Encircling Coil Tester is capable of testing up to 0.7500″ with a maximum length of 12 ft. In addition to sensing surface and near-surface defects as well as small cracks, this equipment is very portable and offers immediate inspection results. While some minimum part preparation is required, Eddy testing is also more capable of inspecting complex shapes and sizes of conductive material.