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Ace Grinding is capable of determining and/or confirming the grade of your material, not only quickly, but without damage to your sample. The advantages of our grade verification process include:

  • A tube-based system that eliminates costly resourcing and loss of speed
  • Multi-element analysis in a single measurement
  • Definitive positive and negative classifications
  • No isotope licensing or travel restrictions
  • An ergonomic, lightweight design
  • A versatile PDA platform
  • Easily measuring uneven surfaces
  • Field-portable X-ray fluorescence (FP-XRF)

Many of these advantages hinge on the fact that we utilize XRF spectroscopy for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis of your sample, which comes with the distinct benefit of being non-destructive, fast, and relatively affordable. These benefits stand out even more when compared to other competitive grade verification methods, such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICPS), and Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA).

Additionally, XRF spectroscopy offers a fairly uniform detection limit across a large portion of the periodic table and is applicable to a wide range of concentrations, from 100% to few parts per million (ppm). Analyses are generally restricted to elements heavier than fluorine.